About Us

The Founders

Our family has been heavily involved in the engineering sector in Northern Ireland since the 1960’s. Originating in Mid Ulster the companies have since spread globally. Our family recognise the importance of giving back to the community and helping others to succeed in life. We have set up DLD fund to do just that.

Our Vision

To enable society to be more receptive to the needs of others.


To break down barriers to education and the workplace in our local area and beyond. Thereby we enable people who are disadvantaged by age, health and educational attainment to reach their full potential; and collaborate with others to achieve this.

Our Values

Partnership & Collaboration

We are limited to what we can achieve on our own. We develop close relationships with our partners in order to best support their work.

Flexibility & Openness

We aim to operate in a fair and transparent manner. We aim to make decisions quickly and with good governance. We adopt a light touch approach to the monitoring of awards.

Compassion & Responsibility

We are committed to listening to, understanding and responding to the needs of suffering people. In response to those needs we are agile and proactive with commensurate risk and responsibility.

Continuous learning & Improvement

We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We share both with others. We are responsive to changes that require shifts in strategy and expectations.

Inclusivity & Equality

We are open to working with any donors, partners and trustees in line with our mission. We do so regardless of creed sexuality or nationality.